Martijn Dirk Joling (b.1991, The Netherlands) started off his career as a Dutch rapper, and discovered his love for dance through hip hop. After getting familiar with hiphop as rap and dance style, he switched his focus to contemporary dance/ performance art, studied creative & cultural performance at the Roc Amsterdam dance Academy, and graduated with a BA of Modern Theatre Dance from Amsterdam University of the Arts.


Martijn has worked as a dancer a.o. with Dance Company Nanine Linning /Theater Heidelberg, State Theatre Braunschweig and Dancelab Berlin.


As a young artist he’s influenced by his surroundings, and multiple backgrounds inspire him to interact with a variety of different media, including scenography installations, film, music and poetry. In 2012 with the duet “Iris 2.0”, he received the third prize at the ADAE Dance and Performing Arts Choreography Competition in Madrid.


Behind closed doors by Martijn Joling & Amy Pender



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The day after yesterday

(Research 2018)














What do people choose, and based on what do people choose?

A social and performative experiment

on decision making.


14 & 15 April 2018, Ada-studios Berlin

Concept by: Martijn Joling

Interpreters: Amy Pender, Ichiro Sugae

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A sailor's soul

work in progress


The wind, the sea and the way of living life. A lonely performance.


21th of April 2018, 19:30

Marameo Berlin - Studio Evening













Choreography & Performance: Martijn Joling


Martijn Joling,

Ratiborstraße 1,10999, Berlin

E-mail: contact@martijnjoling.nl

Tel +49 (0) 157 802 325 35




Photography by © Andreas J. Etter