The journey (2021)

A short creation with dancers of Creative Studio and Studio Dynamica (Norway)

Photography by Mikael Örtenheim

roduced by and made in collaboration with Panta Rei Danseteater

Location: Part of Oslofjorden danser - Vandring Oscarsborg, Drøbak
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Failure landscape (2021)

Workshop performance - in collaboration with Eoin McKenzie (GB) & Stina Strange Thue Tobiasen (DK)

Photography by
Kristian Glomnes, SEANSE

Co-produced by: Seanse- senter for kunstproduksjon
Supported by: PUSH+ project (co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union)

Location: Showbox festival, Sentralen Oslo. Info Here! Review Here!

Instant feedback (2020)

Elementary school performances - during corona times (The Netherlands)

Photography by Celine Seelemann

In collaboration with CTL Studio (24-26 06.2020 Several elementary school performances)

Supported by: Balkonscènes, Fonds Podiumkunsten (Performing Arts Fund) NL
Trailer: Here!


A trio with a drone - Outdoor performance (Germany)

Photography by
Thomas Ungrun

In collaboration with Bodytalk Tanztheater & visual artist: Thomas Ungruh

Location: Kunst am rand, Münster, Germany (01.08.2020, 15:30, Kristiansandstraße 50, 48159)

Trailer: Here!

60 days intensive improvisation (2019)

Improvisation with David Zambrano - Special edition: Crude Saturdays performances (Belgium)

Photography by Arnoud Beelen

Martijn Joling was personally invited by David Zambrano to be a part of the 60days intensive

Location: Tictac art centre Brussels, Belgium

Supported by: i-Portunus (Funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union)

Failure lab (2019)

Research residency (Belgium)

Photography by
Jassy Earl

Supported by: PUSH+ project (co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union)

Location: Hasselt, Belgium

Impression: Here!

RetroRemix - unsentimental nostalgia (2019)

Commissioned by Sommerøya Festival (Norway)

Photography by
Annicken Dedekam Råge

Curated by: Tina Lindvall

Collective installation by: Martijn Joling (NL), Matilda Björkne (SE), Luanne May (GB), Alexandra Maria Smadu,
Rudy Wolff (NO), Alexandra Smadu (RO, Paulina Stroynowska (PL) and Benjamin Carling (US).

Location: Sommerøya Festival  - Ekebergparken Olso. Impression: Here!

Operation Unknown (2019)

Part 1. to be continued (Germany)

Photography by

Choreography & performance: Amelia Eisen, Amy Pender, Kirill Berezovski & Martijn Joling

Location: Freier Tanz im Delta Festival Mannheim, Germany
Trailer: Here!

Ambit (2017)

Interactive cross disciplinary art showcase (Germany)

Photography by CTM Festival

Choreography: Martijn Joling

Performance: Jennifer McClelland, Martijn Joling

Sound artist: Eldar Tagiyev

Academic researcher: Dr. Niall Coghlan

Emotional Invention. Fear|Anger|Love.

In collaboration with CTM Festival, Native Instruments and the SHAPE Platform.

Location: CTM Festival, HAU2 Berlin, Germany
Teaser: Here!

A sailor's soul (2016)

A site-specific performance (Germany / Norway / Poland)

Photography by Laurin Gutwin Photography

Performance: Martijn Joling

Music: Pasquale Riviezzo (Halo)

*The work was originally created as part of Traumschüff-Revü and has been adapted to a site-specific / blackbox and outdoor performance.
Teaser: Here!

The day after yesterday (ungoing)

A social and performative experiment on decision making (Germany / Norway)

Photography by Ingrid Liavaag / Antero Hein

Concept & sound: Martijn Joling

Performance: Amy Pender, Ichiro Sugae, Katja Henriksen Schia, Anders Engebretsen
Teaser: Here!

The campaign for Wool Flashmob - Commissioned by De Bijenkorf Amsterdam (2012)

Created for the 1st year's students of Amsterdam University of arts - MTD department (The Netherlands)

Woolmark Country Manager Benelux: Ingrid Oomen

Choreography: Martijn Joling

Creative Project Manager: MOAM, Martijn Nekoui

Styling: Victor Alex Chavagne

Hair & Make-up: Oogazu team

Performers: Moreen Beentjes, Odile Wyers, Annemiek Bruens, Dominik Feistmantl, Samuel Feldhandler, Charlotte Petersen, Lena Schattenberg, Malika Ali, Kim Amankwaa, Lien baelde, Sien van Dijcke, Vera Goetzee, Michiel de haan, Patrick de haan, Yoko haveman, Daria Hlynkina, Mark Klee, Charlortte Mathiessen, Coralie Merle, Yaël Nan, Nao odagawa, Pacal Sangl, Sarah Soethoudt, Sophie Tellings, Yorick waardenburg, Wilhelm Blomberg (special thanks to all models of the Wool Campaign)

Location: Lichthal de Bijenkorf Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(Germany / The Netherlands / Spain) (2012)
*Awarded the 3th prize at the ADAE Dance and Performing Arts Choreography Competition in Madrid, Spain

Photography by
Leyla de Muynck /

Choreography & Performance: Martijn Joling & Tina Halford

Scenography: Winnie Claessens
Video design:
Hendrik Walther

Production assistant: Mirjam Zwanenburg
Liat Waysbort
Supported by: Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de kunsten, Internationaliseringsfonds Amsterdam

Location: Internationaal Tanztheater festival Erfurt, Germany / AHK theatre Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Video: Here!

"out of my league"? (The Netherlands) (2012)

Structured improvisation research project Amsterdam

Concept & Performance: Tristan Driesenaar & Martijn Joling

Dance: Martijn Joling

Music: Tristan Driesenaar
Teaser: Here!

So-Low (The Netherlands)

Concept & performance: Martijn Joling

Location: AHK theatre Amsterdam

Special thanks to:  Rombout Willems, Heidi Vierthaler

Emdje & Helstone - These Days (The Netherlands)

Concept & Performance: Martijn Joling & Roger Helstone

Location: Theater de Meervaart Amsterdam, Vondelpark Openluchttheater Amsterdam,

Het Park Schouwburg Hoorn, Black is beautiful - Bijlmer Parktheater Amsterdam

Culturalis Theater Den Hague, Dr Anton Philipszaal Lucent Danstheater Den Hague, Theater aan het Spui Den Hague.

*Awarded the ''Streetlife2010'' price

Wanneer worden woorden muziek - When do words become music

Short documentary (Denmark / Iceland / The Netherlands)

Edit and concept: Martijn Joling

Music: Lorenzo Labadie & Winston Brandon

Special thanks to: Stichting Het Literatuurhuis, The Young Music Agency, Typhoon / Glenn de Randamie, Roos Rebergen, Kasper Ravnhøj, Kajsa Bohlin, Lotte Dodion, Maaike Haneveld, Niels Terhalle, Sannemaj Betten, Daniël Vis, Amy Pender, Richard Tarrago

Watch here

Emdjé - De gedachte

Videoclip TMF/ TMF Pure - National TV music channel (The Netherlands)

Artist: Emdjé (Martijn Joling)

Track: De gedachte

Produced by: Sugar Films

Director/DP/Edit: Marlon Gervacio

Cam assistant: Oscar van Os & Shebanjah Klaasen

Colorist: Kevin van Kleef

Watch here

Emdjé - De baby als filosoof

Album/ Single (The Netherlands)

Listen on Itunes

Artist: Emdjé (Martijn Joling)

Album: De baby als filosoof

Produced by: Ilan Baston, Smokey, S2pid pro's, El lazy, RDB, Gumnaam & Tommy Vamoz

Written by: Martijn Joling

Design: Geert Piek

Performance experience

Age, directed by David Zambrano
Bodytalk Tanztheater: Politics of Dancing/ Noi Division/ Viele styles/
Bilderzerstörer, choreography by Rolf Baumgart & Yoshiko Waki
Hans Kresnik - Bodytalk: Friedensanleitung für jedermann, directed by Rolf Baumgart & Yoshiko Waki

Bodytalk Tanztheater & Gotra ballet: Moresnet, directe by Rolf Baumgart, Yoshiko Waki & Joost Vrouenraets

Bodytalk Tanztheater & Titanick Theater: Creatures, choreography by Rolf Baumgart & Yoshiko Waki, Titanick Theater

DaMotus: Decomposition, choreography by Antonio Buhler & Brigitte Meuwly
Unperform: Demarchie directed by Tim Gerhards
Tanzensemble Oper Leipzig: Siegfried, choreography by Rosamund Gilmore
The viewers, by Carole Douillard
Fall & Float, choreography by
Monica Munoz

Fleeting Feathers, choreography by Blenard Azizaj

Finding Now, choreography by Charles Washington

Staatstheater Hannover: Vortex by Edan Gorlicki

Projections of the Unconscious by Carla Jordão

Because it isn’t going to come to a beginning by Ashley Wright

Dancelab Berlin: Hommage an Harald Kreutzberg, choreography by Norbert Servos & Jorge Morro

Staatstheater Braunschweig: aPart by Katrín Hall

Figure out by Jan Pusch

Welcome to your world by Jan Pusch

Girls & Boys by Roy Assaf

Number 2/BackWardbill, choreography by Liat Waysbort

Frédéric Flamand: Interactive Installation

Body Obsession, choreography by Salvatore La Ferla

Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theater Heidelberg:

Insight, choreography by Zoran Marković & Sandra Marín Garcia

Mute Comp. Physcial Theatre: Project X

Conny Janssen Danst: ZOUT

Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer, choreography by Chang Chi

Pinkmetalpetal: Content, choreography by Charles A Washington

M.Loceros: Eon, choreography by Mirjam van der Leer

Protest, choreography by Artist in Residence: Ugo Dehaes

On Air, choreography by Christopher Leuenberger

MA(I)NLY, choreography by Carles Cassallachs SNDO production

Con-forme, choreography by Giulia Mureddu

New Dance Company: Ballast, choreography by Sanne Clifford

The Runner, choreography by Liat Waysbort

BOB, choreography by Itamar Serussi Sahar

RUMPLPLOTZ UND ROTSTILZCHEN, choreography by Ilka von Häfens

L’INCORONAZIONE DI POPPEA - 25 year anniversary of the opera, The Musictheatre Amsterdam, directed by Judith Schibli

Nederland schreeuwt om cultuur: TRIP en Masse made by the collectief White Horse / Lea Martini, Julia Jadkowski en Christopher Leuenberger. Performed by the AHK in collaboration with Dansgroep Amsterdam (initiative of Krisztina de Chatel)

De KISS moves Dance Company: Just shut up and Dance, Strauss is COOL, Vivaldi ROCKS and we MOVE!, choreography by Dorottya Kiss & Keren Rosenberg

Bollywoord Bijlmer led by David Greaves: Royal Theatre Carré Amsterdam, Het Muziektheater Amsterdam, Zaantheater Zaandam, Schouwburg Amstelveen


Video-Clip “Tanz Mischpult // Dance Together” / ''Mein Korper - Mein Stadt'' by Lior Shneior

Supporting Actor: Wii Commercial Just dance 3, TomTom commercial dancing robot

Main Actor: Musical The Snowmen Stadschouwburg Haarlem, directed by Bill Alexander

Norwegian National Opera and Ballet: Norma, directed by Sigrid Strøm Reibo

Norwegian National Opera and Ballet: Lucia, directed by David Alden

Background dancer: Déon Leon, Nicole Dee, GIO

Extra in the video clip: Within temptation-Sinéad

Blockdans: The Powerzone Amsterdam Superstar, Patronaat Haarlem smack, Lichtfabriek Haarlem

Performances: Gouden Krekel 2007 Schouwburg Utrecht, Tjillskillz meets minh-Zone Het park schouwburg

FDC / Nike Demo team led by Franceeya Flohr & Jake Impenge

Zeldzame Ziekten Dag, choreography by Gerald van Windt


Dance: 911 Streetbattle, Talentenshow Schoter Scholengemeenschap

Music: Kunstbende 2008, Ifreestyle 2009-2010


Ifreestyle festival items

Eldorica festival Haarlem



Performance experience:

Bevrijdingspop Haarlem 2005 t/m 2010, Haarlem Cultuur Grote markt Haarlem, Het Wapen van Haarlem Patronaat, Bagels and Beans (Opening) Amsterdam, Haarlem Houtfestival, Melkweg Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Philharmonie Haarlem, Cultuurgebouw Hoofddorp , AZ (football stadium - conference stage) Flinty's Haarlem, Onefourone Amsterdam, Casca/Theater de luifel Heemstede, Sugar factory Amsterdam, Lichtfabriek Haarlem, De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam. Pre-programs: Fakkel Brigade, Senna , DuvelDuvel, Winne, The Opposites i.c.w. Diggy Dex.

Video clips:

Emdje-De gedachte by Suger films (TMF/ Pure National television)

ADM2 ft. Os'o-Wij chillen 'm dood by (online)

ADM2 – Spaanse Kaas (Wilhelmus remake) by Webregio (SBS6 National television)

Lazy Lorenzo ft Emdje-Slowdown by Labadielabada/ StudioHarlem (online)


Juize FM, FunX, 3FM, Haarlem105, Lijn5


De baby als filosoof (CD)

Het wapen van Haarlem (CD)

The North Side (CD)

Soundtrack - Panna Knock Out (MassiveMusic productions)

Ifreestyle (mixtape)

Kennis is macht (mixtape)

Unreleased release (mixtape)


Area 023, Dutch rapbattles, i.c.w Stichting STAD (financially supported by province of Noord-Holland)

Project Feelingmusic (financially supported by Gaanwedoen/province of Noord-Holland)


Freedom battle - Bevrijdingspop Battle, Haarlem 2006/2008 (twice 1st price)

Week van de liefde battle, Haarlem 2006

Last Man Standing battle, Amsterdam (twice 1st price)

Rob Acda Awards, Haarlem (3th price)

NBE VARA Contest (Ned2, national television)

Kunstbende, North-Holland

H.I.T. Haarlem 2006