Iris 2.0

Electronics and media have changed us. We live in a society having many aquaintances and being connected to many through media. At the same time, we have often lost the simplicity of real friends or family relationships. Many people feel as lonely as ever, although surrounded by millions of other humans and seemingly experiencing a lot of interaction. Why have we lost the value and ability of relationships in so many aspects?

How is it possible to live in such a big paradox without having the means to change it.

"how can touch provide stability or help the other body?"

„Iris“ is an encounter of two beings in a condensed space - a round harmonic space. In this, they explore their relationship and possibilities of attention towards one another. The piece explores the options of distance towards the self or the other; reaction and ignorance towards one another; attraction without physically touching and

a symbiosis of two beings.

Often we see it through the same eye, have the same desire towards change but also share the same fear and dont have the courage to actually act upon it.

Iris invites the audience to surf the waves of imagination confronted by the different imagery of two beings in a circular space.

Choreography: Martijn Joling & Tina Halford

Scenography: Winnie Claessens

Video design: Hendrik Walther

Mentoring: Liat Waysbort

Production assistant: Mirjam Zwanenburg

Premiere: Internationaal Tanztheater festival, Erfurt

Supported by: Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de kunsten, Internationaliseringsfonds Amsterdam

*Awarded the 3th price at the ADAE Dance and Performing Arts competition in Madrid

“Iris 2.0”, received the third prize at the ADAE Dance and Performing Arts Choreography Competition in Madrid.


“The audience is invited into a journey trying to exhaust the combinations of opposites: of sound and silence, brightness and darkness, proximity and distance, beginning and end, Purple and White..”

Martijn Joling,


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Photography by © Andreas J. Etter