Clean Bastards


Premiere February 2022

Clean Bastards

Are you also tired of hours of scrubbing the floor, doing the laundry, wiping down kitchen and bathroom surfaces, and tidying up all toys, books, and clothes? Are you done with stretching in all directions bending over to reach for the dirt in your house? Making a mess is easy, however cleaning it all up is a big effort that we sometimes wish to avoid.

Challenging the borderline between a performance and a self-help course, three dancers take the physcial act of cleaning under the loop. By bringing this act to the foreground and considering the importance of it, Clean bastards wishes to make a homage to cleaners and all of us that contribute in this fundamental part of our society.


15.02.2022, SMIA Flerbrukshus

Drøbak, Norway

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16.02.2022, Blå grotte

Frederikstad, Norway

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18.02.2022 Sprang l Ål kulturhus

Ål, Norway

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24-26 02.2022 Frontlosjenfestivalen

Cornerteateret Bergen, Norway

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Choreographer: Martijn Joling
Performers: Amy Pender, Carl Joseph Aquilizan, Yohei Hamada
Costume: Nanako Oizumi
Composer: Jean Paul
Lights: Lars Langsholt

Outside-eye: Geir Hytten
Producer: Margrethe Nandrup Rylander

Co-produced by: Bærum Kulturhus – Dans Sørøst-Norge, Sprang, Dansekunst i Østfold, Frontlosjefestivalen, Bergen Dansesenter-kompetansesenter for dans i Vestland, Østfold Internasjonale Teater Scenekunst+ (Oslo Teatersenter)

R&D supported by: Kulturrådet | Arts Council Norway, FFUK
Production supported by: Kulturrådet, Fond for lyd og bilde, Frogn kommune

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