Playing a game might be nice at first, but as we see in playgrounds, rules of the game are constantly changing. Are we even playing by the rules from the beginning? An innocent game can easily turn into a rough fight with our closest ones.

Whilst playing a game, we’re trying to extend our limits in order to receive an inner feeling of satisfaction - just like kids experience when running around in a playground. Nothing is impossible in the playground. You can do what you want to do and be whoever you want to be.

Will you try breaking the rules of the playground?

From funny behavior to sexual desires, situations of cruelty to childhood memories.

Choreographer: Martijn Joling

Performers: Alice Gaspari, Andrea Schuler, Bettina Bölkow,
Nao Tokuhashi, Sara Angius, Tillmann Becker
Yuya Fujinami

Costume: Britta Bremer
Light design: Harry Heutink
Dramaturg: Philipp Amelungsen

Technician: Harry Heutin

Assistant: Gaelle Morello, Amy Pender
Photography by: Andreas J. Etter

Premiere: Kleines haus,

Staatsteater Braunschweig, Germany
Created for Staatstheater Braunschweig

What would you not want to do on a stage?'', Said Martijn Joling explaining about the beginning of his process.
                                     Braunschweiger Zeitung

Limitless does not only challenge the limits of the dancers, but also breaks the limitation of set choreography by using a free structure.
                                     Staatstheater Braunschweig - After talk

He cultivates the contrasts in Manga aesthetics - gentle and hard, kisses and punches - and then compresses it into a real roller coaster ride of becoming an adult.                                      André Pause